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Frank Stoysich Meats is Omaha’s first choice for quality meats, sausage, smokehouse specialties, and homemade deli items! We offer many, many choices:


Using the time-honored recipes which Thomas Stoysich developed, we offer many European varieties of sausage, prepared in the three traditional methods: Fresh, Smoked and Cooked.


We start with fresh ground meats and add a variety of ingredients and seasonings. Our Fresh sausages include:

• Fresh Polish/Kielbasa

• American-Style Polish

• Italian/Salsiccia

• Swedish Potato/Potatiskorv 
• Dutch

• Apple

• Bratwurst

• Cheddar Bratwurst
• Cajun

• Pork Links

• Beef Links


Smoked Sausage is made from fresh ground meats and is cured, smoked and fully cooked. Our smoked sausages include:

• Smoked Polish/Kielbasa

• Mini-Polish

• Old-fashioned Wieners
• Knockwurst

• Ring-bologna

• Summer Sausage

• Jalapeño Cheddar



A combination of fresh meats and spices, this sausage is fully cooked, but not smoked. Our cooked sausages include:

• Polish Kiszka

• Jaternice/Jelita

• German Bockwurst

• Liver Sausage
• Jellied Loaves:

     - Tongue Loaf

     - Head Cheese

     - Souse


Our smokehouse specialties are prepared in a controlled environment, allowing just the right amount of hickory smoke to enter the smokehouse… the result: Hickory Smoked Meats, rich in color, aroma and flavor.

Our Smokehouse Specialties Include:

• Grand Champion Smoked Ham

• Hickory Smoked Bacon

• Canadian Bacon
• Cappicola Ham

• Grand Champion Smoked Turkey

• Smoked Salmon

Additional Smokehouse Specialties Include:

• Smoked Pork Chops

• Smoked Pork Butt

• Cotto Salami

• Dried Beef

• New England Ham

• Krakowska


And finally, one of our most famous items, BEEF JERKY!!!! Over the years, we have gained an outstanding reputation for having one of the best Beef Jerky Products in the Nation!!! We offer regular and spicy beef jerky, turkey jerky and buffalo jerky. We also offer an excellent and very popular selection of snak sticks, including summer sticks, teriyaki, apple and hot sticks.


From our kitchen to your table we offer an appetizing selection of ethic foods, sandwiches, salads and specialty meats. Deli specialties include:

• Pickled Polish Sausage

• Pierogi

• Italian Pepper Sauce

• Fresh Bakery Breads

• Strudle
• Kolace

• Hoagie Sandwiches

• Cabbage Rolls

• Cooked Roast Beef

• Fresh Corned Beef
• BBQ Pork Back Ribs

• Sliced BBQ Beef


We also offer a variety of luncheon meats and a selection of semi soft, flavored and imported cheeses… sliced and wrapped to order.


Cut and wrapped to your specification, we offer a large selection of fresh meats.


Nebraska’s own corn fed beef. We offer a varied selection from lean ground beef to the finest USDA Choice Steaks and Prime Rib Roast.


A varied selection – from Pork Chops and Cutlets to the most elegant Standing Crown Pork Roast.

Veal and Lamb

We offer many popular cuts such as Veal Cutlets, Osso Bucco, Lamb Chops and Leg of Lamb

We also offer fresh, never frozen, whole chicken  - or cut to your specifications.



5170 Q Street

Omaha, NE 68117



Monday-Friday: 8:30 - 5:30

Saturday: 8:30 - 2:00

Closed Sunday

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